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The typical process is to copy the automatic snapshot then launch a separate (usually smaller single-AZ instance) from it. It's not that much of a hassle and it avoids impacting performance of your production instance during the dump too.


Stop the VM. Edit the domxml using virsh edit VMNAME and point the disk at the location of snap2 Start the VM. Don't forget to delete snap3 EDIT: branching out In order to be able to switch back to a snapshot in a chain, without corrupting the entire chain after the current snap, you need to create a branch. Using your example, you stop the VM, take a ...


if you will use btrfs subvolumes for lxc, you need add the option user_subvol_rm_allowed in your /etc/fstab. Example extracted from one fstab file: UUID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX / btrfs subvol=@,user_subvol_rm_allowed,defaults 0 0 the option will permit that you can remove subvol without be root, only normal user. This capability is used by lxc ...


Yes, every snapshot metadata has the parent's filename or device name. But do keep in mind that the chain must be complete, e.g. snap2 is not aware of base, only of snap1

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