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You can do this with netcat. dd if=/virtual_machine_path | gzip -o - | nc 1234 Then on 1.2.34, do nc -l 1234 > backup.gz


As the size and number of snapshots on a virtual machine increase, so does the number of storage command operations within vmkernel. For each storage command issued by the virtual machine guest OS, multiple storage command operations may be necessary to traverse the entire snapshot chain to read the most appropriate block of data. Copied from a Blog post


I wasn't able to get this question answered in a way that worked, but I posted a new question over on askubuntu once I understood the problem better. I was eventually able to get a solution there: https://askubuntu.com/questions/513534/cannot-delete-encrypted-btrfs-snapshot/513547#513547


Through the Security event logs, you can identify who tried to access a specific registry key if you have enabled auditing. Read more about it here.


The Microsoft site sysinternals.com has a utility call regmon (apparently now combined with processmonitor) utility program that will track changes to the registry in real time. A warning, there is a LOT of things that change the registry so be prepared for the output to be very lengthy. However, after the fact, there is nothing that will provide this ...


I have had this problem from Xenserver 5.5 through 6.02 and a total change in hardware. The only sure way to fix this is to copy the server to a new storage repository and delete the old VM. Our main servers run at about 2% cpu, so waiting for a background process like coalesce to finish is not an issue. /usr/bin/vhd-util scan -f -a -p -c -m VHD-* -l ...


From the output, I am guessing that the subvolume of which you have snapshots is actually an ecryptfs private directory. If that is correct, can you try unmounting the private directory and then try to delete the snapshots? The error message states that the device is in use. Assuming you are not using that directory as a current working directory, and no ...

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