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Okay, so here's what my SNMP research has turned up. I can't verify this is all 100% accurate, but I feel that I have a much better grasp on SNMP in general and hopefully this information will help someone who is just getting started. First, SNMP seems to me to be a messy system. It was developed in the late 80s and there's just not a good alternative so I ...


With Cacti you are not limited only to SNMP queries. You can choose to run any script of your own as a Data Input Method. It could be Perl, PHP, Python, Bash or whatever. Just choose the Script/Command input type : Your script has to output at least one value. This value will be attached to an output field within Cacti and used later to create the final ...


The network devices use CDP to build a table of adjacent devices. You can extract this table with SNMP for a known device, and use it you discover its neighbours and their management addresses. Then you can just repeat the process, assuming your SNMP credentials are good for all network devices on the local network. In principle, you could listen for CDP ...


This is not possible via SNMP as long as those subtrees are not supported. Regardless of the MIB you use, the values won't be populated from the ACE.

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