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Depending on your case, partition layout and mount points your indexes can vary: but here is example of reporting free disk space on partitions two mounted partitions: df | grep mnt /dev/xvdz1 5160576 10236 4888196 1% /mnt /dev/xvdz2 36123264 49032 34239276 1% /mnt/test getting indexes for them from snmpwalk: snmpwalk -On -v 2c ...


In case someone stumbled upon this, currently there seems to be available number of freeware solutions for Windows that can handle SNMP trap messages: http://www.trapreceiver.com/ http://marin.jb.free.fr/snmptraptools/


I have the same "Power Status" issue with 4x R730. Updating the firmware to the latest available version ( did not solve it. The SNMP values returned for DellPowerState should be one of: 1 ⇒ Other 2 ⇒ Unknown 3 ⇒ Off 4 ⇒ On 0 is not documented. The work around we use is to consider "0" like "4", so we don't get an alert when the idrac ...


It seems that using IF-MIB::ifDescr for the interface name is simply wrong. As the name of the OID implies, this is meant to be a (verbose) description ofthe interface, rather than a (unique) name. The proper OID to use is IF-MIB::ifName $ snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 1 wheezy iso. = STRING: "lo" ...


"deploy a probe or agent on-site" -- install something inside the network that does the collection, then return the data to the management station. "SNMP proxies" -- software which receives an SNMP request from the outside, redirects it to the device to be monitored, and then returns the response to the original requestor.

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