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You can't pull SNMP performance stats out of the HP P2000 G3 SAN. It's a limitation. There's a Windows host-based metrics tool available, but you're best off measuring from the consumers of the SAN data. I do believe SNMP traps can be sent for hardware alerts/failures. That configuration is straightforward from the MSA interface.


I found a solution. I installed this package: sudo apt-get install snmp-mibs-downloader After installing, run this command: download-mibs It should download all necessary mibs.


We went about setting up our MPLS in a different manner. Now when I run the netscan, it does indeed, give me a report of the MAC addresses of devices on the other subnet. In an MPLS, if properly configured, the two subnets should work together as if they were a single network - file-sharing works normally, computers can discover each other on the other ...


I have a GS716T "Smart Switch" and was never able to get this to work. What I ended up doing was using a Python script to send a web request, login, and go to the web page that lists this information. Then I scraped it and stored it as needed. I don't use that switch anymore. I know it's a slightly different model, but same product family. Here is the ...

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