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Yes, you can add as many mirrors to a RAID1 as you like, and you can tolerate failures of all but 1 device. If you add 10 devices, you can tolerate a failure of 9 devices. Don't forget there will be a write penalty for this setup though. All data has to be written to every device. Generally it should be fairly insignificant but if all devices are on the ...


The main advantage of hardware RAID is the protected write back cache which will boost performance when dealing with synchronized writes (eg: databases). Your should absolutely avoid RAID cards without protected write back cache, as they often are much slower than software RAID. At the same time, not all RAID controllers play well with SSDs. The main reason ...


Another solution is raid 6 with 3 disks. See this post: Minimum number of disks to implement RAID6 Raid 6 will also allow for doubling capacity by adding a fourth drive. I have had 2 drives fail on an array and not lost data.

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