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To tell the truth, it seems that LSI does not provide much details on its FastPath tech. Anyway, some information can be gathered from the DELL docs: from DELL PERC H710P controller brief: Dell’s FastPath™ software feature enables the use of the second core on our PowerPC chip to accelerate write-through I/O, which significantly enhances SSD ...


Almost certainly not. Every RAID system I'm aware of takes some of the disk space to store its metadata and superblock, and that cuts into the space available to store files. If you had the disk partitioned in "just the right way", you could, theoretically, do it without an extra copy, but it would require an extensive amount of knowledge about how the ...


You can't do it with mdadm, but if you're using LVM, you can use lvconvert to make an existing LV mirrored with no downtime and only copying the data once.

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