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mdadm works with disks UUIDS on its later versions, so it's not important which device they are on. So, for this question, the answer is: No, there is no problem if your system is newer than 5 years ago.


You can't do it with mdadm, but if you're using LVM, you can use lvconvert to make an existing LV mirrored with no downtime and only copying the data once.


Almost certainly not. Every RAID system I'm aware of takes some of the disk space to store its metadata and superblock, and that cuts into the space available to store files. If you had the disk partitioned in "just the right way", you could, theoretically, do it without an extra copy, but it would require an extensive amount of knowledge about how the ...


So I ended up following this procedure: Unmount the Logical Volume "Deactivate" the Logical Volume Use pvremove --force --force on one physical volume. The --force --force is required to remove an in-use physical volume Re-"Activate" the Logical Volume with a --partial flag Re-mount the Logical Volume The end result is that I can read all of the data on ...


As recent LVM version use MDRAID for provide RAID personalities, it should be possible to resize the array. You had to reduce the LVM volumes with lvresize reduce the LVM physical volume with pvresize if the array is not automatically resized, use mdadm to do it. You can find the array detail with cat /proc/mdstat However, consider that RAID6 reshape ...

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