64-bit SPARC/x86 UNIX-based Operating System from Oracle.

Large differences from Solaris-10, including

  • Software installed via Image Packaging System (IPS) instead of traditional "pkg"
  • Many text-based configuration files are now (re-)generated when commands (eg: dladm & ipadm) are ran.
  • UEFI Boot support (as of 11.1)
  • No 32-bit CPUs supported (UltraSPARC II, III, IV & IA-32)

Topics For this tag should include (but not limited to);

  • UEFI booting
  • Commands with new options not supported in Solaris-10 (eg: dladm, zoneadm)
  • Commands that only exist in Solaris-11 (eg: ipadm)
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