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This is actually not uncommon, a lot of FTTH services in the Netherlands require you to set up PPPoE on VLAN 6 as well. Just create a VLAN interface on port X1 (it will be called X1.6) and configure your PPPoE on that. Make sure the routes send traffic from X0 to X1.6 instead of X1 and you're fine. No need to put switches in between.


How to: Setup a VPN tunnel and use it as default route for all (Internet) >> http://www.sonicwall.com/downloads/SOS2e_Route_all_Internet_traffic_through_this_SA.pdf This is old image from earlier model, but the menu should be almost the same for the new model. NOTE: This is an enhance firmware, so maybe it cost less to buy the add-on "Comprehensive ...


The sonicwall by default create the WLAN in a separate VLAN. You need to create the rule between the LAN and WLAN on your own. So it's by default secure.


Resolved - Sonicwall service policy entry included a HTTPS Management rule - this created a mismatch and the device disabled permitted LAN -> WAN services and protocols.... was only whilst I was onsite that I was able to see exactly what was going on.

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