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If X0 and X16 interfaces are bound to the same zone (eg: LAN), you don't need to change anything regarding firewall rules, as they are not interface-specific. However, VLANs and some NAT rules, being interface-specific, will need reconfiguration.


You need what's commonly called a "hairpin NAT" rule. You redirect internal users who are trying to reach the public IP back inside the network to the local IP. In the sonicwall NAT rules, you'll need a rule like this: Original Source Translated Source Original Destination Translated Destination Service Local Subnets (or ...


old post but worth a good comment regarding "received" status in the packet monitor. I couldn't find anything on this status in Sonicwall/Dell documentation. Finally got a tech to explain it, actually got a short description... Received means that the packet was consumed by the interface. This means the packet did not make it internally on the network. ...

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