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Figured it out. Even though everything else was disabled in the transport agent, the priority still mattered. I set the recipient filter agent to priority 1 and it works fine. set-transportagent -identity "recipient filter agent" -priority 1 Telneting and trying an invalid address returns unknows user. However one could question how this works if the ...


When you move message, then dovecot invoke the sa-learn with dovecot's UID, so sa-learn hasn't enough permissions to update bayesian databases. You have to add dovecot's user to the spamd group and ensure you have the next line bayes_file_mode 0660 in the etc/spamassassin/local.cf file. Also you have to verify is bayes databases already have permissions ...


This is more than likely the case. Most providers have in effect a spam and virus filter, so before the original email is delivered it will be caught and discarded / not forwarded. Is this an IP address dedicated to you? If not, others using the IP address (example case, shared hosting) may be contributing towards the negative reputation.

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