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This is not possible with vanilla Postfix. It is designed to send mail. Not to do analyze outgoing mails before sending. If you need something like that, then you have to introduce external policy filters. One of it is policyd (http://wiki.policyd.org/features) which provides exactly what you want: Quotas, Accounting and ACLs.


I see that most of the solutions are already covered above however I would like to point out that not all client sent HTTP/1.1 request without hostname attacks are aimed directly on your server. There are many different attempts to fingerprint and/or exploit the network system preceding your server i.e. using: client sent HTTP/1.1 request without hostname ...


Are you using DNSBLs? Like Spamhaus or Barracuda's? If not, start there, that'll cut spam down by 90% or more. To enable DNSBLs: On the server, open EMS and run C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Scripts\install-AntispamAgents.ps1 Run sc stop MSExchangeTransport and sc start MSExchangeTransport Close and reopen EMC or EMS if any are open. In ...


Lets looks at your mail setup for the outside . first your MX record is a bit odd (This doesn't have anything to do with the spam folder, but you should probably fix it. to only include 1 record per IP, [~] host -tmx dutchtwinz.com dutchtwinz.com mail is handled by 10 pop.dutchtwinz.com. dutchtwinz.com mail is handled by 10 smtp.dutchtwinz.com. ...

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