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The answer is yes, you're being blocked because of your gTLD. I sincerely doubt you'll ever escape the pain of getting your emails rejected from a gTLD of ".international". Playing a game of whack-a-mole with colleagues, clients, suppliers, and partners will get old very quickly. Until absolutely every spam filter is corrected by the developer to include ...


Yep. Congratulations, you are the first victim I learned about. You can try to contact the host in question and inform them the world has changed, and new TLDs exist.


Yes they are blocking it because of the gtld. You can email them (from a .com email address) and ask them nicely to fix their spam filter...assuming they want your emails.


No one other then the recipients mail provider can definitively answer this question for you. The typical way of handling the problem would be to find the details of the connection from your log server and ensure that the recipients mail server accepted the email. Then call up the recipients mail provider and and ask them what is going on - or if the ...


All authorized mail servers should be listed in the SPF record. As you now have a new authorized mail server, it should be added. Some SPAM checks differentiate between listed (A, MX) and permitted (~all), and will not treat unlisted address as a pass. This penalizes senders who don't send via an approved server (often spambots). The ~all policy indicates ...


With dovecot's plugin pidgeonhole you can setup the sieve filter. But you have to ensure that exim used dovecot-lda aka deliver for local delivery. Look at your transports in exim's config. If there is deliver invoked - everything is simple enough. Also check whether the dovecot-pidgeonhole is installed. If no - install it. Add the next sections to the ...


Your mailname seems to end with ".home" or ".lan". This makes spamassassin believe you're not a trust worthy mail source, hence the score of 2.0. Phpmailer apparently has a " $Hostname" variable you can set in order to use an specific hostname in the EHLO command: http://phpmailer.worxware.com/?pg=properties

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