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Maybe policd-weight is an option for you. It does lightweight DNSBL lookups by simply querying DNS servers for the sending IP address and - if you have several hits on blacklists - you can simply reject mail delivery from this IP address so these blocked mails won't get through to your SpamAssassin. The benefit of policyd-weight over the Postfix built-in ...


In my case I was missing include conf.d/*.conf line in dovecot.conf and dovecot did not read configuration from these files including 90-plugins.conf. But I did not include that line because all my config is already in dovecot.conf and conf.d/*.conf files will override it with default settings so I simply included these lines in dovecot.conf: plugin { ...


I added -4 in OPTIONS line in /etc/default/spamassassin and it worked well for me


I think what your looking for is this tool, provided by Unlock the Inbox.

0 It seems to work really well so far in my testing. The homepage gives you an arbitrary, random address, you send an email to it, then submit the address to view results for the most recent email it got for that email. The address can be anything, so you could also use a unique ID you come up with and work into your testing ...


Spamassassin (Mail::SpamAssassin::DnsResolver) uses Net::DNS::Resolver perl module. It should allow you to change nameservers spamassassin uses via RES_NAMESERVERS environment variable.

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