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According to the man page for sa-learn, this will be okay. If the messages you are learning from have already been filtered through SpamAssassin, the learner will compensate for this. In effect, it learns what each message would look like if you had run spamassassin -d over it in advance.


It turns out that spamd needed to run under perl 5.10.1, the originally installed version on this server. So, instead of having a shebang of:- #!/usr/bin/perl -T -w it just needed #!/usr/bin/perl5.10.1 -T -w Partly the clue was in the error message (reading the wrong include files) and mainly it was down to thrig's comment - thanks


As a followup (for the next person), the problem seems to have been an issue with the service restart process. To fix the issue we forced a hard-stop (of S/A) following by a command-line restart: $ pkill -f spamd $ spamd -c -d


You can execute spamassassin with debugging/tracking dns queries. It will track dnsbl (and dnswl) queries. spamassassin -D dns < mail_message_file

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