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Think about it from the opposite direction: You want to limit RBL checks to only those inbound emails which are not coming from authenticated users: deny message = rejected because $sender_host_address is in a black list \ at $dnslist_domain\\n$dnslist_text !authenticated = * dnslists = ${readfile ...


You have to whitelist legal senders while all others are passed through the blacklist. But far more efficient way is to use SMTPS with authentication. exim intended to ask spamd about score from the ACL, and if score is high enough - simply reject or blackhole the message. Delivering + deletion is a wasting of resources.


Maybe you hit bug related with NET::DNS and spamassassin. It explained in this blog and this SA mailing list. The excerpt from the blog Net::DNS version 0.76 changed the field name holding a set of nameservers in a Net::DNS::Resolver object: it used to be ‘nameservers’, but is now split into two fields: ‘nameserver4′ and ‘nameserver6′. ...


What you want to do is simply not possible. Checking for spam at SMTP time forbid this as you would end up at somme point scanning one mail (so one single scan) which will contain multiple recipients... Which user preferences would you load then? In order to do this you need to use a pipe transport (to spamc) at delivery time, not at SMTP time. In any case, ...

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