Spoofing is an activity when a person or program try to impersonates itself as another.

Spoofing can be used to gaining an illegitimate advantage by masquerading itself as legitimate party. Some common spoofing are:

  1. IP Spoofing: Special crafted TCP/IP packet with forged source IP address. It can be used to perform DOS attack by sending it to "open" NTP/DNS server.
  2. ARP Spoofing: Special crafted ARP reply messages with forged MAC Address. It can be used to perform MITM attack.
  3. Email Spoofing: Special crafted email with forged sender address and/or forged email header. It can be used to perform phising or spamming.

Another spoofing activities are: HTTP header spoofing, Caller ID spoofing, GPS spoofing and others.

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