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You need to either add a rule for UDP port 1434, or a rule for sqlbrowser.exe so that the SSMS client can talk to the SQL Server Browser service. I actually see people having this problem surprisingly often so I wrote up an explanation here:


I think you need a better understanding of what differential backup means/ It is the difference (as the name suggests) of data from the last full backup. So in order to resore data to the point in time of the differential backup, you need the original full backup PLUS differential one. As to your question - you can store differential backups in separate ...


I add the following code block to the beginning of the query itself to remove all messages when using sqlcmd.exe to export results to CSV. -- Suppress warnings and messages like (2 rows effected) SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF; SET NOCOUNT ON; -- SQLCMD.exe batch command :setvar SQLCMDERRORLEVEL 1 -- To Reenable --:setvar SQLCMDERRORLEVEL 0 ...


I suspect that your problem is orphaned users. Basically, your users and logins may be named the same, but they have different sids on the different instances. Here's a script to show the problem (lifted from the link): USE MASTER GO SELECT name as SQLServerLogIn,SID as SQLServerSID FROM sys.syslogins WHERE [name] = 'YourAppUser' GO USE YourAppDB GO ...

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