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You are receiving this problem because you have Kerberos half-way configured. You are experiencing a double-hop problem. I've learned a few things about setting up Linked Servers in the past few days. This document on 'How to Implement Kerberos Constrained Delegation with SQL Server 2008' helped me the most. Here are some key points concerning using ...


It's hard to say from the information provided, but my instinct is that you have a storage issue--namely, that one or more of your hard drives are failing or failed. Check your RAID status. If the problem is storage failure, upgrading on the same hardware will not fix your problem. As much as I hate to discourage anyone from upgrading off SQL ...


You may run this script to check the percentage completed! SELECT percent_complete, start_time, status, command, estimated_completion_time, cpu_time, total_elapsed_time --,* FROM sys.dm_exec_requests WHERE command = 'DbccFilesCompact'


Using sys.dm_exec_query_stats this you can find cpu usages by different SQL Server objects. Below is a script: SELECT DB_NAME(st.dbid) AS DatabaseName ,OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME(st.objectid,dbid) AS SchemaName ,cp.objtype AS ObjectType ,OBJECT_NAME(st.objectid,dbid) AS Objects ,MAX(cp.usecounts)AS Total_Execution_count ...

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