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Run this query after logging in sa mode.. CREATE LOGIN [your current pc name\UserName] FROM WINDOWS WITH DEFAULT_DATABASE=[master], DEFAULT_LANGUAGE=[us_english] GO It worked for me in all cases..


Max server memory means that your server cannot use more than that amount, not that it must use that amount. Min server memory doesn't mean it must use that amount, either; it means that once the server uses that much it doesn't surrender memory to below that amount. Basically, SQL Server uses the amount of memory it needs until it reaches the upper limit ...


You don't say what OS you are using? But 8GB for the server in total? That's just crazily low for a modern machine and when you say physical memory usage never exceeds 723MB, I'm assuming you are talking about SQL server and not as a whole for the server? Just trying to establish everything Righto have to agree with the post above, is there some sort of ...


You should be able to safely remove both permissions for the CRM app pool. However, please take the following into consideration. First you need to understand why Microsoft and CRM require those permissions. Since the very early days of Microsoft CRM (as far back as 1.2) the installation procedure for CRM was to copy template mdf/ldf to the administrative ...

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