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Why would you ask the internet about this? There's so much WTF here, that I don't understand where to start!! This question shows a fundamental lack of understanding of hardware, RAID arrays, storage, monitoring, and general IT best-practices. I read this question and can't help but think: Who is actually responsible for this server hardware? Where is ...


With RAID 5 you can only lose 1 disk and have your data remain available. You have lost 3 so you will need to rebuild the RAID and then restore the data from backup. We have a canonical Q&A about RAID levels that may help your understanding.


To export: bcp "[MyDatabase].dbo.Customer" out "Customer.bcp" -N -S ServerName -T -E -U"xxxxxx" -P"xxxxxxx" To import: bcp "[MyDatabase].dbo.Customer" in "Customer.bcp" -N -S ServerName -T -E -b 10000 -U"xxxxxx" -P"xxxxxxx"

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