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To export: bcp "[MyDatabase].dbo.Customer" out "Customer.bcp" -N -S ServerName -T -E -U"xxxxxx" -P"xxxxxxx" To import: bcp "[MyDatabase].dbo.Customer" in "Customer.bcp" -N -S ServerName -T -E -b 10000 -U"xxxxxx" -P"xxxxxxx"


No other operation(like insert update delete) can be done when data type of table column is modifying, whole table will be lock. also can not be select with NOLOCK.


Why would you ask the internet about this? There's so much WTF here, that I don't understand where to start!! This question shows a fundamental lack of understanding of hardware, RAID arrays, storage, monitoring, and general IT best-practices. I read this question and can't help but think: Who is actually responsible for this server hardware? Where is ...


With RAID 5 you can only lose 1 disk and have your data remain available. You have lost 3 so you will need to rebuild the RAID and then restore the data from backup. We have a canonical Q&A about RAID levels that may help your understanding.

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