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this is the link to SQL Native Client 10.0 (2008 R2) x64 http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=188401&clcid=0x409


Just a quick note that you can add an "alias" and use it under both names:


In my experience, detach/attach is the fastest method. The bottleneck would probably be how quickly you could copy the files across the network. Assuming the two databases have identical Windows accounts (if you're using SQL accounts you may have to update SIDs), you could probably use something like this script that I have laying around from before I ...


I put the backup on the same disk as the location of the actual SQL database, but I dont think thats the cause. Reality check - that is absolutely one reason that a backup like that is slow. Discs break down in IO when you do multiple operations at the same time. Even worse so when it is "the disc" not "the disc array in a high performance raid 10". ...

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