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You can block the sql with a firewall, it does not need internet connection, it is communicating with apache witch has all the internet connection it needs, i suggest you install netlimiter, and you might want to back up your files and do a virus scan. pref with avast boot scan. Good luck. PS i dont recommend any build in OS firewall windows apple or ...


I had similar problems working with SQLCMD in Bash and as of now this question is ranked third when searching for sqlcmd cygwin on Google. I too thought that it was due to line endings because of the error, Sqlcmd: Error: Internal error at ReadTextLine (Reason: Unspecified error). I tried various trickery such as process substitution but that didn't work. ...


It took a while digging through the tables (i was also out of town for a couple weeks) but here is how i ended up doing this. run sql select count(typeproduct.name) as Count, typelicensedresource.name as LicenseType, dp.name AS Site from typeproduct, typelicensedresource, typelicensedresourceproductmap, devicepool as dp, device as d where ...


There are multiple points to consider: Pricing is significantly different between Web Site and SQL VM Web sites are pretty easy to scale, while VMs might require more efforts to achieve scale out Separating web and DB layers makes resources and security management easier

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