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The clamd socket file /var/run/clamd.scan/clamd.sock has somehow gotten mislabeled. It has the type var_run_t, but it should be antivirus_var_run_t in current SELinux policy. Anything matching /var/run/clamd.* should be labeled antivirus_var_run_t. This could be because the socket was created while an older version of the policy was installed, or a program ...


For ACL's which you wish to deliver at full-speed, simply put an http_access allow statement above your delay pools, e.g.: http_access allow localnet nolimittodestination Squid processes the rules specified in your squid.conf in a linear fashion, so that explicit allow statements at the top of the file will be processed before the delay pools statement.


Add an iptables rule to ACCEPT traffic on port 80 from the squid server. After that rule you can have the DNAT rules. As soon as a rule matches the chain isn't followed anymore so the ACCEPT will short-circuit the DNAT for traffic from squid. EDIT: The DNAT rule already excludes the $PROXY_IP so adding an extra rule shouldn't be necessary. I personally ...

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