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As Evan Anderson said in his answer, if you manually set the proxy in browsers then they'll make HTTPs go through the proxy (using CONNECT requests) and because the hostname in these requests is sent unencrypted you'll be able to apply ACLs to it. However, currently there's nothing that forces the clients to use your proxy, so while you can't make it ...


I found a workaround for this problem. Instead of configuring Squid I added the CA certificate to the list of trusted CA certificates system-wide. I followed the instructions here http://gagravarr.org/writing/openssl-certs/others.shtml


Well, what you want to do is called proxying, so maybe what you meant was to make Squid invisible and disable any caching features ? If so, disable caching by removing all cache_dir and refresh_pattern directives from the configuration file, and add the following to make the proxy invisible to the eyes of the web servers : forwarded_for transparent via off ...

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