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When you run update-smart-drivedb it downloads the most recent database from the source site for smartmontools, in theory more recent than any backport. You should get a reasonable turn around time if you contact them directly .. From https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki ... Device Information If your drive is not in the ​current version of ...


On SSDs, sequential i/o is not at the same speed as random i/o, even though there are no moving parts. SSD drive specs shows that clearly. Back to the original question, it is an inquiry whether the workload in action is x% sequential and y% random. In the Linux world, there's a 'blktrace' utility that does it. In the Windows world, I'm currently on the ...


No, this is not possible. Most hardware RAID controllers forbid the creation of arrays of mixed media; e.g. SATA and SAS together or SAS and SSD. The array would not accept an SSD replacement for a failed SAS/SATA mechanical drive.


Overview encrypt the disk use dm-crypt and LUKS seal the key to a TPM and use access restrictions according to well-known PCR set. use secure boot Intel TXT and TBoot are capable of securely booting a Linux Kernel. You have to check whether your CPU and chipset support TXT. Security Without secure boot the only way to prevent the TPM from releasing ...

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