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The model of SSD in your server has well-known and widely-reported performance issues with writing large data sets. It's cheap junk that even manages to cost more than similar products without these issues. Replace it. (Or, get your host to replace it, in this case.)


NCQ is here to rearrange queued read/write operation in order to minimize heads seeks, maximizing performance. A good benchmark with mechanichal disks and NCQ can be found here However, contrary to commond belive, NCQ is even more important for SSDs. The reason is that while they have no heads, due to their very low latency command queueing become really ...


NCQ is a technology that lets drives re-order the order in which read and write requests are serviced. SSDs save you the seek times hard drives are plagued by, but actually reading from and writing to a NAND die is not especially fast. SSDs get around this by reading and writing to multiple NAND dies in parallel. In order to achieve this SSDs rely on ...

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