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Traditionally OpenSSH displayed (public) key fingerprints using MD5 in hex, or optionally as 'ASCII art' or 'bubblebabble' (a series of nonsense but pronounceable 5-letter quasiwords); 6.8 in March 2015 added options for SHA1 and SHA256 in (PEMstyle) base64, with the latter now the default, and in all three cases the hash name prefixed so you know which it ...


Restore from backup or rebuild the server.


For the host, you can check the LOGIN_NAME_MAX via either man useradd or getconf LOGIN_NAME_MAX, for the most part you are limited to 32 characters on Linux. However, one possible workaround would be to put your username into a ~/.ssh/config file. I don't know whether OpenSSH can handle a longer username in the config file or ...

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