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You can if you really want, but I wouldn't bother regenerating 2048-bit DH parameters for OpenSSH. There are much more important things you need to do to secure SSH, like disabling weak crypto. What I would do is delete the existing ones which are less than 2048 bits. awk '$5 >= 2000' /etc/ssh/moduli > /etc/ssh/moduli.strong && \ mv ...


There are three common factors that affect a transfer speed: Bandwidth - An obvious factor that's apparently not your trouble. Network delay/latency - The SFTP is packet oriented-protocol. When downloading, the SFTP client sends a "read" request to the SFTP server, waits for a response, appends returned data to a local file and repeats, until the end of ...


Set PermitEmptyPasswords yes in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, and then make sure the user account has no password.

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