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This is a bit late but We had a similar issue where it was taking about 10 minutes to log in. if the network cable was unplugged and the PC rebooted then it logged in right away. In the end we found it was a printer driver trying to be installed and needed user input that wasn't possible because they were not logged in yet. try turning on Verbose ...


Thank you, dawud, you pushed me in the right direction. What I had to do here is make radiusd.service start AFTER mariadb.service. I fired up vim at /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/radiusd.service and added a line in [Unit] section: After=mariadb.service So it looks like this: [Unit] Description=FreeRADIUS high performance RADIUS server. ...


You set up FreeRADIUS to connect to a local MySQL server, but that server is not running. Start the server and try again.


As far as i can see, you are having a cyclic dependecy. You are telling systemd to start PHP-fpm before Apache and at the same time after Apache. This cannot work the way you want it to. In your httpd.service file specify the following: Requires=mariadb.service php-fpm.service After=mariadb.service php-fpm.service The explanation of the options for ...


In your shell initialization script (e.g., ~/.bash_profile) add last --ip --limit 10


You should see a "Last login from IP" message everytime you login. You could also use the command "history" to view a log of commands that have been used. If you want to check the current logged in users, use the command "w"

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