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Some of the extensions are not provided by PHP5 package. here is the list for Debian Squeeze https://packages.debian.org/squeeze/php/ Pick those extensions by their proper name then reinstall with apt-get Eg: apt-get reinstall php5-mysql some of them can only be installed by PECL http://pecl.php.net/ Eg: pecl install pdo


It appears to be related to my Active Directory username or group memberships. The error went away after running the following command as per this article: mkpasswd -l -c > /etc/passwd; mkgroup -l -d > /etc/group This updates the cygwin files with the latest AD user/group information.


I found the problem which was a script that was being loaded on startup. I had this script being called in /etc/rc.local in order for the internet to work properly with OpenVZ containers. I removed the script and now I'm able to connect to the server.

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