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According to QLogic NetXtremeII presentation and data sheet the named cards support Ethernet, iSCSI, and FCoE. That does not include plain FC, unfortunately. FC as a whole is a different low-level protocol than Ethernet. FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) replaces layers FC0 and FC1 of the FC specification with Ethernet while retaining layers FC2 - FC3 - ...


Your easiest solution would be to set up a third server (another virtual machine will do fine as long as it has enough storage available) to act as an iSCSI server, offering one or more of its disks as iSCSI targets; this can be easily done both on Windows (since Server 2012) and Linux. Once you have created your iSCSI target(s), you can connect both your ...


You may use one of the following solution: VMware should give you this functionality out the box: Starwinds will create a virtual shared storage for your own use with some limitations: And ...


More detail about your storage solution and the equipment involved would be helpful, as that dictates how you configure this. You have to go with the manufacturer/vendor's recommendation. Here's the VMware documentation. These are your options for the vSphere client:

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