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STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING RIGHT NOW! Sorry to be so dramatic but you have a big issue here - what you're trying to do is actually very straightforward, just not using LVM. The reason is that most filesystems/disk-management-systems, including EXTx, LVM, raw-NTFS, FAT (in all it's forms) are not 'cluster-aware' - they assume that they have full and ...


You've got an internal FC bus error - very likely to be a hardware issue. You'd going to have to get NetApp to fix the broken bit sorry. If you have no support contract can you let me know where you are in the world please, I have a few spare FAS2020's at my storage location in the UK, if you're nearby you could have one or the part.


You should use snapshot autodelete. Without it, snapshots that exceed the reserve don't get deleted by default. Snapshot autodelete can be configured to behave several ways. The one I use is to set the trigger to "snap_reserve", meaning it'll delete any snapshots that exceed the reserve. We use snapshots as more convenient backups, but we still take backups ...

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