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FC HBAs will auto-negotiate down 3 steps, so a 16Gb port can talk to another 16, an 8, or a 4. An 8Gb links can talk to another 8, a 4, or a 2. If you haven't changed anything on the switch, this should just work when you plug it in the first time. If it doesn't, you might need to log into the switch and fiddle with port settings. The Brocade command you'd ...


We organize our databases by storage group on a drive. So SG1 is on G: and SG2 is on I:. We have multiple databases per storage group and thus per drive. We are running an all flash storage array so for us iops are not an issue. To your actual question I would say it is more likely a prefrence. By placing them on diffrent drives you can provide diffrent ...


1.You should size your workset to match the expected cache hit ratio. This totally depends on the workloads you are expecting. When you want to get a nice high number make sure that the workset completely fits into the cache. If you want the number for the drive which is like if there was no cache at all use the maximum possible size for the workset. For ...


I don't recommend this type of passthrough setup anymore. It's a lose-lose on most counts, especially with reliability and performance. It can certainly be done, but the safest solution (especially with a hypervisor like ESXi) is to just use a supported RAID controller and local storage. If you want ZFS storage, build a standalone ZFS storage system.

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