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Put it on a dedicated storage-specific VLAN, chances are there won't be a need to route at all if you run all of your storage and servers into the same switches. This gives you the option to monitor JUST the SAN traffic and potentially to traffic-manage it if needed.


I'd check the following in order Verify HBA adapters on second servers are connected to Brocade switch(s). Verify WWPN's from 2nd server are logged into Brocade switch ports. Verify HBA WWPN's on second server are zoned correctly in Brocade switch(s). Verify WWPN's from 2nd server are visible from DS8000. Verify LUN's on DS8000 are assigned to the correct ...


You're really not going to be able to get this information out of an MSA or P2000 storage array. At least, no historical information. You could parse the output from the SSL CLI at regular intervals, but that's not ideal. This is just a disadvantage of the platform. You may want to check with the OEM, DotHill to see if anything is available from their ...


From My experience you should login to the System Insight Management Page https://xxx.xxx.xxx:2381 x= ip address of the nodes user "sanmon" password "sanmon" Check the disks status and the raid controllers status. My guess you will find there your problem.

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