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Open EAC (Exchange Admin Center). Select Mail Flow on the Left Panel Menu. Select Accepted Domains from the Top Menu. Click the + icon. Enter a name in Name, enter the fqdn of the subdomain in Accepted Domain. ("subdomain.example.com"). Select Authoritative domain. Select Save Don't forget to add/update an MX record for the subdomain. To confirm the ...


IMHO You're already heading the wrong direction with your intention to create a .htaccess file, which is my pet peeve, quoted from from the manual on .htaccess files: You should avoid using .htaccess files completely if you have access to httpd main server config file. Using .htaccess files slows down your Apache http server. Any directive that you can ...


I think you would need to create subdomain in GoDaddy control panel for each domain and specify subdirectory for this subdomain and you will also need CNAME record in your DNS.

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