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They should really route you the second subnet, assigning it to their routers is dumb and a waste of IP space. That doesn't change things too much either way though. A VIP on WAN will suffice in that circumstance unless they did something really stupid with your new subnet, like putting it on an entirely different router and forcing you to route that through ...


This is close, as it will take IP addresses, but it won't take subnets. nltest /DSADDRESSTOSITE: /ADDRESSES: If the given IP address is part of a site and subnet pair that is defined in Active Directory, the output will resemble: Get the site-subnet mapping from '\\DC01.contoso.com'. Paris If the IP address ...


This should be what you're looking for: Mask calculator Fll in the IP range or block and the calculator will display the network IP in CIDR notation, usable IPs, IP broadcast address, network mask, and wildcard mask.


Of course you can do that! You don't even have to create a new DHCP options set. A NAT instance in EC2 is just the same as any other instance. It just happens to do NAT. In your particular case, you'll also need to ensure the routing table associated with each of your subnets has got a static route for the "inner" network, via that NAT instance's RFC1918 ...


You can have a similar set up using another NAT server. Assuming you will be placing the new NAT in the same subnet as the original NAT, you can setup a new subnet exactly like the original (inner) subnet you have--just make sure to use the new NAT when setting up the route tables and security groups.


I've just spent a couple of years trying to resolve a problem with both a poe phone system and a computer network on the same managed switch. Yes it should work without a VLAN but every month or so it doesn't and would reset the switch, causing endless issues with connected equipment. (phone system resets, router resets and random switch resets) This was a ...

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