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As you describe it, you don't actually want the server to be a gateway. An IP gateway is a host that forwards traffic for the local network segment to other hosts that don't reside on the segment. It's only a gateway if it is routing traffic, which you've stated you don't want it to do. Don't enable forwarding or bridging. However, you can run the web ...


This is easy to achieve: Give the server two NICs. Connect one to subnet A and the other one to subnet B. And then make sure, that "IP forwarding" on that server is securely disabled! In addition to: echo 0 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward you can also set the default rule of the FORWARD chain to drop: iptables -P FORWARD DROP Check your specific OS ...


Server is connected two two separate, isolated subnets via two physical nics. Is there any way the server can act as a gateway for the two networks to communicate? The goal is just to provide the same web services to both subnets from the server only, without allowing it to connect the two in any way. The server doesn't need to be a gateway. Just bind ...


If IP Forwarding is not enabled in the OS, it will not route packets between networks.

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