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Had same issue as you. That's what worked for me. remove-supervisord-confd: file.directory: - name: /etc/supervisord/conf.d/ - clean: True


Be careful with symlinks and include files on Supervisor. It would allow any person with w privilege on /home/myapp/live/deploy/supervisord_live.ini to change the ini file and start any malicious code. This ini files should be inside your supervisor's conf directory or in any subdir under it.


There is an "run" command in catalina.sh. It works perfectly fine with supervisor: [program:tomcat] command=/path/to/tomcat/bin/catalina.sh run process_name=%(program_name)s startsecs=5 stopsignal=INT user=tomcat redirect_stderr=true stdout_logfile=/var/log/tomcat.log The tomcat run as "catalina.sh run" works in foreground, has the correct pid and accepts ...

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