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Okay, this post let me know that I could emit any upstart event I wanted as the final step in my Vagrantfile: Vagrant.configure(2) do |config| config.vm.provision :file do |file| file.source = "./conf/vagrant-ready.conf" file.destination = "vagrant-ready.conf" end config.vm.provision :shell, path: "provision.sh" ...


rbenv creates shims for all the commands (e.g. ruby, bundle,...). These shims live in a single directory (~/.rbenv/shims by default). Therefore you can call home/my_user/.rbenv/shims/command with parameters to use command version defined by rbenv. Find attached my conf for a sample program. [program:sample_program] directory=/home/my_user/sample_dir ...


I had this error trying to run Celery, and i had exactly the opposite problem. I changed my user from root to www-data and that solved it.


Changing my supervisor.conf file, and append a exitstatus=0


Define an event listener that triggers on PROCESS_STATE_STARTING. Then you can write a simplified event listener (see the example) to actually perform the Slack notification. An event listener configuration might look like this: [eventlistener:slack] command=slack_listener.py events=PROCESS_STATE_STARTING

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