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Shell features such as pathname expansion (*, ?), command lists (;, &&, ||), redirection (<, >, |,) are not implemented by supervisord that only splits the command into an array of argument strings. The bash -c may be just a help for novice user who might be tempted to use such features in the command. For example it avoids the surprise that ...


It is explained in the documentation: No shell is executed by supervisord when it runs a subprocess, so environment variables such as USER, PATH, HOME, SHELL, LOGNAME, etc. are not changed from their defaults or otherwise reassigned. This is particularly important to note when you are running a program from a supervisord run as root with a user= stanza ...


To create supervisord.conf using this command: echo_supervisord_conf > /etc/supervisord.conf and add your program section at the end of /etc/supervisord.conf file.

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