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Well this is kind of odd (at least in my eyes). I previously tried to check out using this command: svn co https://my-domain.com/svn/repo This yielded the 405 response. I just tried using this line: svn co https://www.my-domain.com/svn/repo And now it works like a charm. It seems like this topic is of not much interest, but I would really appreciate ...


I had a similar problem. Directory access rights were the reason. If you do not provide DocumentRoot, then Apache chooses its default DocumentRoot. And if an access to the default DocumentRoot is denied -- then SVN is also denied. Just set DocumentRoot in your VirtualHost to an existing, empty directory and in a <Directory> section grant the allow ...


If the svn_auth_file doesn't already exist, you probably need the "-c" option on the htpasswd command for the first user (and only the first user). Note that this will truncate the file if it already did exist, so check first to make sure you're not obliterating an existing file. Also, on Windows you need to run this as Administrator (it is not enough that ...


Apache's mod_mime will determine the content type if no svn:mime-type property is set. Enable it in the Apache configuration: LoadModule mime_module modules/mod_mime.so The MIME type of files with extension .html is text/html in the default configuration. Tested with Apache 2.4.10 and Subversion 1.8.11.

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