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You should use LimitRequestBody 0 instead of LimitXMLRequestBody.


Adding to what Peelman said (as I can't comment on his answer), for me, adding the --config-dir directive to the subversion_adapter.rb file was the final piece of the puzzle (i'd tried various ways of running svn and permanently accepting the certificate, but redmine wouldn't find the config). To clarify, the complete steps were: 1: Modify Redmine's ...


Ok, it seems the data I got to migrate into the repository was a working copy of another repository. SVN did not commit this, because it thought I still working in the old working copy, because the ./svn folder was still there.


No need to grep, just use AWK for the search and delimiting the string svn info | awk '/^URL/{print $2}'


I just ran into this problem myself and stumbled upon this question. I didn't find the answer here, but played around with it a little and was able to get it to work. I was writing my svn import with an asterisk like this: svn import * svn://www.com... -m 'Initial Import' When I changed the star to a dot, it worked as expected. svn import . ...


Presumably you're installing from the Jessie Debian repositories. Debian Jessie, being the latest stable release of Debian, only serves packages which it deems to be stable. You can read more about this here. Currently, Debian Jessie (stable) ships with Subversion 1.8.10-6+deb8u1 whilst Debian Stretch (testing) ships with Subversion 1.9.2-2. Once the ...

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