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Some rewrite magic did the trick. However, now I have an issue that omitting a trailing slash causes it to not find the directory and return the rewritten path to the browser... RewriteEngine On RewriteCond $1 ^(?!\/repostyle) RewriteRule ^(.+) /svn$1 [PT] <Location /svn> DAV svn SVNListParentPath on SVNParentPath /mnt/repos/svn SVNIndexXSLT ...


As is often times the case I find the answer mere minutes after posting the question. Those two users were using http:// instead of https://. I had made some adjustments on the server yesterday. Thinking back to what changes I made led me to the source of the problem. Thanks for stopping by and reading!


It's most likely an old version of SSH. This SU answer explains how to fix it. TL;DR install Cygwin and try to use the ssh version that comes with it.

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