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This is expected behavior when you have unmatched speed and are running mismatched speeds. If you are able to saturate the 1GB link, the other end will have read only 100 packets by the time you have sent the 1000 packets. It is unlikely your router will buffer the remaining 900 packets. UDP is an unreliable protocol. Unlike TCP it does not come with a ...


The following configuration works for me. The essential part is bond-xmit-hash-policy layer3+4 which controls the interface hashing policy for transmit packets. It is also the rough equivalent of that the switch does in regards to load balancing the packets.


Does this mean I could buy a Cisco core switch and have the HP switches terminate into without any sort of issues? I've never heard of any issues with this, certainly I'd suggest you use Cisco SFP+'s in Cisco devices and HPE SFP+'s for HPE devices but otherwise as long as you get the cabling right (try to stick to OM4 LC-LC 50/125u fibres) then you're ...

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