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Your mixing things up a bit. Layer 2 switches and Layer 3 switches both function as network switches with the difference being that a Layer 3 switch has the capability of being able to perform routing functions. BUT, being managed doesn't imply Layer 3 capability. There are many, many Layer 2 managed switches that do nothing more than switch. That being ...


Switches aren't meant to do things like DHCP, port forwarding, NAT, PPPOE, DNS, Wifi, etc... like a home router does. they are designed to switch. Some have extra features, but that is the general idea. Unmanaged switches really only just switch with no other significant features and cannot be configured to do anything else. They have no management ...


Nmap is your best shot in such cases. If you have nmap installed, just run: nmap -v -O --osscan-guess

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