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Unfortunately Alfresco's repository is not designed to support namechanges for users and groups (authorities). You may change the displayname by using the Alfresco API but this is not what you are looking for. By default a namechange of a group in AD will result in a delete an recreate with all consequences (any grants to these groups would be removed). In ...


This is an old question that now has easier solutions. Products like OneLogin and Okta can sync to your AD and allow your users to log into Google (via SAML) with their AD passwords. These products are increasing their provisioning capabilities, so that when you add a user to AD they are automatically given a Google Apps account (and accounts on other ...


What you're looking for isn't what Windows Clustering was designed for. Windows clustering is based on the notion of a shared SAN drive. However you can look into active/passive load balancing, with disk mirroring. ARR is a Microsoft solution for load balancing web applications. As for the mirroring, you could use RoboCopy. However keep in mind, there is ...


vdirsyncer https://github.com/untitaker/vdirsyncer by http://stackoverflow.com/users/1544347/markus-unterwaditzer can do this via CardDAV, two-way as well. I'd advise doing it via multiple runs against a local "vdir" rather than directly, and you can even implement git VCS for data security.

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