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These are tough situations. Some installsheild apps are very poorly built and will only run in User context, but if a user is not a local administrator, the process will never work. You may try complaining to the vendors for new apps. For existing apps, you can test your uninstall scripts the same way Configuration Manager runs them. Get psexec on a ...


I can also get the uninstaller to run arbitrary scripts, as long as the entire script fits in the Uninstall program: field on the Programs tab of the SCCM deployment type for that application. I just have to enclose the command with something like cmd /d /c"command goes here". I have standardized on batch files to host the commands to perform ...


It appears that Orchestrator only uses PowerShell v2 by default. This can be changed with a registry hack: http://www.scsm.se/?p=1458 I've done this on my server and it works for me.

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