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I actually do quite a bit of testing of applications through high-latency situations due to the business I'm in... (we test with a variety of 200 - 1400ms latency links) Typically, I would setup a linux router and use tc to emulate latency and packet loss (and such)... but in windows, I have never bothered to try. I did, however find something that may be ...


Its the same. The service is bind to any ip you want it to be binded.


I've found out the answer myself: You don't actually need to specify the default gateway - you can use the catch-all of and then specify the interface number instead (the docs do not make this obvious!): Find the interface number of the VPN by running "route print" from the command prompt and use this for the IF argument in the command below. Add ...


IHMO I don't think that there is anything you can do without proper configuration of the VPN concentrator, except some scripting. Things like pushing routes to client may be solved by (and are usually solved by) pushing routes via: DHCP, VPN software itself, a dynamic routing protocol, for instance RIPv2,

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