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screen -ls shows the sessions, and there are windows (also called "screens") inside the session that can be scrolled by CTRL-A N or listed by CTRL-A w or CRTL-A "


Default access for "Administrators" and "Remote Desktop Users" doesn't come back if you modify "Allow log on through Terminal Services" settings with some specific account and then again set it to "Not Configured". You need to explicitly define "Administrators" and "Remote Desktop Users" in this case.


I'd say that your idea will work very well. You'll of course need to use "fuller" thin clients that will let you run a desktop of sorts, such as Windows Embeded or Linux, as opposed to those that run much more stripped down versions that only do VMware View/Citrix ICA or RDP. Something like the Wyse 3050-T50 (runs Ubuntu), or any of the HP ones will ought ...

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