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When troubleshooting anything with serial connections, try a null modem cable. You mentioned a Startech USB to null modem cable, which makes sense, but you could also have gotten a null-modem adapter, in DB9 or 25 and whatever gender you needed.


This is another short solution. Download & Install the client: # wget -q http://kb.arubacloud.com/files/tar-gz/forticlientsslvpn_linux_4-0-2281-tar.aspx -O fortisslvpn.tgz && tar -xzf fortisslvpn.tgz # cd forticlientsslvpn && ./helper/setup.linux.sh Press Ctrl+C, Agree Their License (1st time only) & then connect to VPN by: # yes ...


I run remotely Clipper apps over dosemu in linux ok. Users run dosemu via ssh.


My problem is not the same as can't type lower cased e in amazon ec2 (Amazon Linux), but similar. After checking /etc/inputrc and finding nothing out of the ordinary, I remembered that I did do some keybinding in the /etc/bash.bashrc. This was already there for a very long time and worked flawlessly, though. Why would it make problems now? I found out ...

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