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but the word "bios" doesn't even appear anywhere in in my dhcpd.conf, so where could that filename be coming from? It surely comes from a "second" PXE enabled DHCP server you have in your net... or /etc/dchpd.conf is not the conf file really driving your DHCP daemon. In these cases a Wireshark traffic capture can really help a lot.


I've seen Windows 8 preventing certain net traffic "even" when the native firewall looks off! Please remember TFTP is a protocol that negotiate its transfers on port 69 but later the actual data-transfer is carried out on a randomly selected port. Both ports must be open to traffic. Instead of turning Windows firewall off why don't you try creating the ...


See this answer. I had to edit /etc/default/tftpd-hpa and set the IP address in the TFTP_ADDRESS= variable. That was on Debian Jessie, but it may be the same on Ubuntu.


I think that different DHCP servers can work on the same physical network under certain configurations. There are two ways to do that If you have a computer with ONLY one network-port, You'll have to: Install VM first; Fix the IP address of your VM into a DIFFERENT SUBNET than your original network; Install Tftp32 on this VM  Make Tftp32 ┬áDHCP ...

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