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Upping the number of workers won't affect your deadlock scenario at all if it is related to parallelism as in Bart Duncan's blog post. If it is truly a parallel deadlock, your quick fix is to OPTION(MAXDOP n) the offending query while you are working on tuning it, and restrict it back to the point where the deadlocking ceases. You may not need to go back ...


Well, let's look at some bigger picture issues before getting into JRun configuration details. If you're getting java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exceptions in the JRun error log, well, you're out of memory. No upvote for that, please ;-). You didn't say whether you were running 32- or 64-bit Windows, but you did say that you have 8 GB of RAM, so that will have ...


Tomcat won't crash just because threads are maxed out. It queues up requests to the limit set in acceptCount and then refuses requests if that maxes out.


The value can become negative if you're using an Executor, i.e. a thread pool shared between components. If you have configured an Executor (verify this in the server.xml), you can get the value you're interested in from the Executor's attribute activeCount. With Tomcat 7 you wouldn't have this problem, I believe.


See this entry on Books Online for how to change it: max worker threads Option and also see this discussion around increasing max worker threads from Ken Henderson's old blog. I'd be very wary of doing it unless absolutely necessary. Hope this helps!

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