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Three years later, I found several gotchas getting this to work. So, I'll elaborate upon the accepted answer (which is correct) and add a complete answer for CentOS. Gotcha #1: The Jenkins settings to change The current Jenkins documentation on changing time zone says to define user.timezone or org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.fmt.timeZone. But, I have ...


dmesg just prints the kernel ringbuffer which logs messages with uptime in seconds from being started as timestamp. So if you use the -T option all this uptime values are just added to the date your system was booted. If you had times sleeping in suspend or resume, they are lost, so in this cases -T option is not useful, as date/time values are not right ...


Maybe this helps someone. We had the same problem recently and got the drifting into a reasonable range after having installed adtimex. aptitude install adjtimex

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