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virsh -k0 start MyMachine should work for you.


After a lot of trys we noticed that telnet conection to the webservice was failing. We check the router config and the port 80 was blocked.


If some long-lived sessions are mixed with short-lived sessions (eg: WebSocket and HTTP), it's worth considering timeout tunnel, which overrides timeout client and timeout server for tunnels, as well as timeout client-fin for half-closed connections. When timeout ...


I find the solution : First when I modify theses parameters it was still laggy but after a reboot and wait a few minutes all back to normal. First I installed VMware tools for Debian using this command : sudo apt-get install open-vm-tools Then I added 4 Gb of RAM (from 1Gb), keep one processor, set the OS to be Other (64 bits) (from Other (32 bits))

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