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Recently, I rented a cloud VPS. When I logged into it, the date was on GMT. I changed it to CDT, which is UTC-5:00. I quickly realized that, even though the date command did output the correct time and date, the logs controlled by syslogd were off by five hours. They were still using GMT. I didn't do anything at that time as I needed not precise time/date ...


You should use lsyncd or even inotifywait + scp instead, but it's a bit more scripting. lsyncd lsyncd uses inotify to detect if there's any new/modified files then use rsync+ssh do transfer the files. inotifywait If lsyncd is too complicated, you can use inotifywait, e.g.: while read line do echo "$line" done < <(inotifywait -mr ...


Maybe this could be helpful, too, even if it is not done with firewalld: echo "net.ipv4.tcp_timestamps = 0" >> /etc/sysctl.conf sysctl -p


firewalld ships with a default set of predefined ICMP types you can use out of the box: # firewall-cmd --get-icmptypes destination-unreachable echo-reply echo-request parameter-problem redirect router-advertisement router-solicitation source-quench time-exceeded timestamp-reply timestamp-request The parser ...

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