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Htop does not know it is running on a kernel level VPS and is showing the CPU usage of the hardware, not just your VPS.


Why wouldn't anyone suggest the -c option for netstat. Add -c to your existing netstat command & it would show you the output live.


Looks like CPU usage is coming from a thread. top seems to not take this into account. I recently saw this on a mysql server. there are running INSERT statements but I was unable to get the new rows with SELECT because some thread of mysqld was updating the table index. top shows 100% user load on one core but every process including mysqld was an 0.0% CPU. ...


Based on the information from the following posts I have identified 3 possible resolutions. htop shows only the processes of the user that's running it? on Unix & Linux https://www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=52563 Which states grsecurty can cause the users not being able to see other users pids in /proc/ and that OVH (My hosting ...


One possibility is /proc mounted with either hidepid=1 or hidepid=2. This mount option was added in latter Linux kernels and back ported sometime around CentOS 5.9 and 6.3. Mount options The proc filesystem supports the following mount options: hidepid=n (since Linux 3.3) This option controls who can access the information in ...


The best answer I can give you is "iowait is too high when it's affecting performance." Your "50% of the CPU's time is spent in iowait" situation may be fine if you have lots of I/O and very little other work to do as long as the data is getting written out to disk "fast enough". Conversely it could be catastrophic if the server is doing a high amount of ...

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