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However if I prefer to you use a monitoring such as Nagios, But becuae you asked for batch mode, consider the following commands; vmstat sar free iostat pidstat mpstat Enjoy them...!


One thing is for certain, your load average is out of control - load average: 36.01, 23.39, 10.79. By looking at the kernel threads, it appears the VM has 4 vCPUs and after normalizing for CPU, the load average is 9,5.84, 2.70 and this is really high. Any load average above 1.0 should be investigated for either an I/O, memory or CPU overload. In your case, ...


The process is writing data to a remote disk mounted on /home There's probably your answer. Process state D is not DOWN, it is uninterruptible sleep and typically means some I/O to finish. As you have a network share, depending on conditions it might not show as I/O wait to you, and might not consume much CPU as your system is waiting. However, for you ...


If the CPU is not busy, then your process is presumably waiting for something external. I'd imagine there's a good chance you'd make sense of it by looking at what system calls are taking longest with strace. Falling that, try using a profiler to find out what the code is doing. Does your code use mmap'd IO? I'm thinking that might not get reported as ...

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