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Top isn't the best way to check memory usage. However, since my question was marked as a duplicate of this question, I'm going to post my resolution here. I read on a forum that ps_mem.py will check the memory usage for you. Repository: https://github.com/pixelb/ps_mem/ Download: pip install ps_mem Usage: ps_mem Output: # ps_mem Private + ...


You can do this by grepping the line beginning with "Cpu(s)" and piping the result through tail. top -b -n2 -d 0.1 |grep "Cpu(s)"|tail -n +1 The tail -n +1 discards the first line (the bad results) and only lets the second line through. The -d 0.1 means a delay of one-tenth of a second between the first and second iteration of top; -b -n2 means run twice ...

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