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https://docs.meraki.com/display/MX/Traffic+shaping+settings Enable SpeedBurst: To provide a better user experience in bandwidth-limited environments, an administrator can enable SpeedBurst by selecting the Enable Speedburst checkbox. SpeedBurst allows users to exceed their assigned limit in a "burst" for a short period of time, providing a more ...


Your rules ACCEPT packets up to a certain rate, but is there anything after that that DROP the traffic when it doesn't match the rules? Either default chain policy (-P) or an explicit rule... What you could do is change your rules to DROP traffic with --hashlimit-above; ex: # iptables -t filter -A it2net -s -m hashlimit --hashlimit-above 8kb/s ...


Using tc (because it's the most current, and I'm the most familiar with it), you should be able to slow traffic down without problems. I have a server acting as the firewall (called 'firewall' -- very creative) and then a second server behind that (called 'mil102'). without any tc commands, scp'ing a file from mil102 to firewall moves at full speed: ...


Here is a full explanation, which might help you understand it all http://lartc.org/howto/lartc.cookbook.fullnat.intro.html

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