SDL Tridion is a Web Content Management software platform that supports both Java and .NET architectures by offering multiple public application programming interfaces (APIs) for both the J2EE and the .NET Frameworks.

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The management platform runs on Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 whereas the publishing platform is platform-independent and support includes Microsoft, Unix, or Linux.

The latest public release is SDL Tridion 2011 Service Pack 1, which adds built-in support for comments and ratings (SDL Tridion Community Builder).

Common terms and abbreviations

  • Content Management System: The parts of the system used for working with content. This includes editing, versioning, categorization, page composition, etc. and publishing of content to the Content Delivery system.
  • Content Manager Explorer (CME): a browser-based user interface for the content management system.
  • Content Delivery (CD): The parts of the system on or near the presentation servers, which manage deployment or storage of the content and implement web application functionality such as dynamic linking or delivery of targetted content.
  • Presentation Server: the target, published-to website
  • Building Block: an item in Tridion
  • Schema: a content definition for fields, types, and descriptions
  • Component: Tridion's basic unit of content, based on a schema. Multiple components may be used to compose a page.
  • Template: an item that transforms (renders) components or pages
  • Component Presentation (CP): a combination of a component and template, typically on a page or stored in a CD database
  • Tridion Page: an item in Tridion that includes component presentations and is typically published to CD
  • Core Service: A WCF Service introduced in SDL Tridion 2011 which allows manipulation of Building Blocks via code.

See the SDL Tridion World site for more information and examples. See SDL for product-related information.

Appropriate questions

Questions about any of the above technologies in relation to the CMS should have the tridion tag. Example topics include SDL Tridion:

  • Code
  • APIs
  • Errors
  • Configuration details
  • Possibly behavior, unfortunately StackOverflow is focused on programming-type questions which overlaps much of Tridion but is tangential to functional aspects of the software.

Consider joining the Area 51 Tridion proposal to help create a StackOverflow site dedicated to all types of SDL Tridion-related questions.

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