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Have you searched sendmail logs for rejecting connections ...? Sendmail may refuse accept incoming connections when system load average is too high. Check number of message in "client queue" (mailq -Ac) - in some cases such problems have been caused by huge number of spam messages in client queue e.g. due to hosted/hacked "spam friendly" web pages. How ...


It appears that the messages are being deferred, so it may be that you have some messages in the queue that are being retried over and over again. Take a look at your queue (mailq) to see if that may be the case. You can look at individual messages in your queue: Go to the queue directory and you will have two files for every email, one starting with df* ...


If you use an external logging solution such as Papertrail, you can reg-ex this out of the logs that you are notified about. We faced the same issue where we were notified about unnecessary ACK FIN messages. As we use Papertrail to send us UFW blocked logs every morning by email, there was a lot of noise. So we filtered it, and voila!


A little late, but maybe it helps nevertheless. A bindmount to some other folder (outside your NFS mount) is your friend. I just tried it sucessfully. mount -o bind /tmp/.johndoe_puls /home/johndoe/.puls Of course, this can only be done by the root user. The mountpoint of the bindmount gets the same permission set as the mount target. Regards, Jörn

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