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If you use an external logging solution such as Papertrail, you can reg-ex this out of the logs that you are notified about. We faced the same issue where we were notified about unnecessary ACK FIN messages. As we use Papertrail to send us UFW blocked logs every morning by email, there was a lot of noise. So we filtered it, and voila!


A little late, but maybe it helps nevertheless. A bindmount to some other folder (outside your NFS mount) is your friend. I just tried it sucessfully. mount -o bind /tmp/.johndoe_puls /home/johndoe/.puls Of course, this can only be done by the root user. The mountpoint of the bindmount gets the same permission set as the mount target. Regards, Jörn


You have a broken fuse package which you can't install due to VPS limitations. I would try to remove the fuse-utils package and then install the "anypackage". Try: apt-get remove fuse-utils apt-get -f install apt-get install anypackage Either as root or use sudo in front of each command.

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