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Linode let you change the kernel to 64 bit, without upgrading everything else. I just tried this on my system (also Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit like yours), and ... well it worked just fine. There were no problems at all. I'm also running a web server (Apache) and various other applications, and I haven't encountered problems. See: ...


Looks like postfix always looks in the chroot'ed location for saslauthd even though its configured to NOT use the chroot environment for its services. I found this blog post most helpful, even though it's from 2005! http://www.jimmy.co.at/weblog/?p=52 postfix does a chroot so it can’t communicate with saslauthd. This is the tricky part: rm -r ...


These two logrotate.conf options might help you: missingok If the log file is missing, go on to the next one without issuing an error message. See also nomissingok. notifempty Do not rotate the log if it is empty (this overrides the ifempty option). For more information, see man logrotate.


Got the same problem of my.cnf being ignored, in my case the file's permissions where wrong (was owned by root and mode set to 600) sudo chmod 644 my.cnf changed it to 644 and the problem was solved.


Postfix itself can't exclude sender from the alias. The reason is the lookup just has one parameter, either sender or recipient. Mailman is a mailing lists manager. Yes it has functionality to forward email to members list as your example above. As a bonus, mailman has advanced feature of mailing list like list-admin, members management, bounce management ...


I had the very same problem. Somehow if the ILIAS home page is called, the ilias.ini.php file should be read, and with no further client_id parameter given, give the login page for the client_id defined in clients/default in this configuration file. However, this does not happen. Without having the time for further investigation, here the steps I've ...

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