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If you ran checksetup.pl as root and it did not fix things, check your access control lists (acl) on the files. I had this same problem and while the permissions looked right at first glance, there were access control lists in play that were causing problems. drwxrwx---+ 8 root www-data 4096 May 5 12:23 data The plus (+) at the end of the permissions ...


But first you need to have needed language pack installed. On my German based VPS there was no english language pack pre-installed. So first you check that you have it installed: aptitude install language-pack-en


Basically, what the mime_header_checks directive does it to instruct postfix to check an external table (/etc/postfix/blocked_attachments, in your case) for a matching pattern and action. But to correctly use it you should really read the relevant postfix man page


Setting the permission of / to 755 worked for me. So check first with root@ubuntu:/# cd / root@ubuntu:/# ls -ld Permissions should be "drwxr-xr-x" (755).

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