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Are you checking these rules with iptables --list? If so, try iptables --list -n to inhibit reverse DNS lookups. To clarify, this is nothing to worry about. What you're seeing is merely the iptables client performing reverse DNS lookups for the listed IPs. As you'll likely find, the firewall rules are indeed being created using only the offending IP ...


There were probably some control characters that file (which appears to be binary, not text. Maybe it is a zipped file that you cat'ed by mistake?) which altered the character set of your terminal. Logging out and back in should fix the character issue. As for the file, make sure you did not cat a binary file by mistake. If it ends in .bz or .gz, it is ...


Newer PHP install is looking for ap_unixd_config, but Apache 2.2 still calls it unixd_config. You can downgrade your PHP or, more preferably, upgrade to Apache 2.4.


Faced with same problem, tried many ways such as proposed by bshea, googling and trying. Base: Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS, postgrey service starts, but doesn't appear in process list, i.e. service starts but quietly drops out. Found solution to change line in /etc/default/postgrey: Change this line: POSTGREY_OPTS="--inet=10023" To this ...


Coming in a couple years late, but hopefully it will help. This will fix the unexpected interaction between ntpdate & ntp: rm -f /etc/network/if-up.d/ntpdate Then when you do a "update-rc.d ntp disable", ntp won't start on reboot.

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