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iptables and ebtables can't set VLAN tags on packets. That's what VLAN sub-interfaces are for. There's an article on the Ubunut wiki that discusses VLANs that you should probably review. In summary, though, you want to: Make sure the 802.1q module is loaded with a modprobe 80211q. Create the VLAN sub-interface with vconfig add eth0 444. Add an IP ...


802.1Q tag is inserted into MAC header, and kernel won't decode it if your interface isn't VLAN tagged. So, even if you could mangle outgoing packets, incoming traffic with VLAN tag would stay ignored. What you need to do is create a VLAN tagged interface, just as you did, and add an IP to it within the same rage the switch IP you're trying to access is in. ...


Yes you can do that. It will copy all the trusted keys. Make sure permission of the file is right and it is in the right location.


Several things: When you use sparse images, they will grow when the VM writes data into the disks. A snapshot is a new sparse image, able to grow to the same size as the original. So if you take a 10Gb disk, fill it up to 10Gb, and then snapshot it, the snapshot will also be able to grow to 20Gb. In the long run, this is always a problem, which is one of ...


You can create different fpm pools listening on different ports (or unix sockets) and assing different sites or even different locations or applications to use these pools. This way whan one pool is saturated with some laggy script, others won't be affected.


As mentioned here and suggested by @i-CONICA I did a removal of the cache folder and re-created it: sudo mv /var/mod_pagespeed/cache /var/mod_pagespeed/cache.del sudo rm -rf /var/mod_pagespeed/cache.del sudo mkdir /var/mod_pagespeed/cache sudo chown dhapache:dhapache /var/mod_pagespeed/cache NB Group and user dhapache are Dreamhost specific Then I ...


Problem is that php5-mysql package depends on libmysqlclient18, which depends on mysql-common: # apt-cache depends php5-mysql php5-mysql Depends: libc6 Depends: libmysqlclient18 .... # apt-cache depends libmysqlclient18 libmysqlclient18 Depends: mysql-common Depends: libc6 Depends: zlib1g PreDepends: multiarch-support multiarch-support:i386 ...


Unicorn(s) was converting comment to CW.... To get rsyslog process the file, its file must be readable by rsyslog. Even though the nginx log files were world readable, the nginx log directory (/var/log/nginx/) was not. Giving rsyslog access to that directory fixed it.


Since I can't comment yet, I have to post this addendum to dyasny's answer this way. If the VM has snapshots that you want to preserve, you should dump the snapshot xml-files on the source with virsh snapshot-dumpxml $dom $name > file.xml for each snapshot in the snapshot list of the VM virsh snapshot-list --name $dom. Then on the destination use virsh ...

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