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I have made my homework and (almost) found what each option does. Also, I've noted that there is more options in /etc/security/limits.conf than it appears with ulimit -a. Therefore, I've only documented the latter here. Of course, everyone is invited to enrich this answer! core file size (blocks, -c) The maximum size of core files created. Core ...


As you didn't mention what's your exact problem with limitation in Linux so it would be hard to fix it. You use ulimit -a for check all of you limitation in OS. Also you can change every limitation you have ( you can decrease it not increase except root can do anything ) Try to look at man ulimit to find out which option you need to change.


You need the user part at the start, and the wrong way around, should be: * soft nproc 65535 * hard nproc 65535 * soft nofile 65535 * hard nofile 65535

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