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Ubuntu 14.04 Had to add both 'hard' and 'soft' entries in /etc/security/limits.conf for pam to recognize settings for rtprio (-r) and memlock (-l).


Because in the way you are using lsof, you are counting everything, not only the file descriptors, use something like this: lsof -n -p <pid_number> | awk '$5 ~ /([0-9].+)/' But the more easy way is: ls -l /proc/673/fd | wc -l


Use Cgroups to limit the memory. A cgroup limits memory to a configurable amount and is not a hard hammer like ulimit. It won't OOM kill the process. It will page out the rest of the memory needed by the process to disk.


You should take a look at cgroups (Control Groups). There is some info on ad-hoc cgroups which also says Note that the memory limit applies to RAM use only -- once tasks hit this limit, they will begin to swap. which seems to be exactly what you want. If your backend developer app is causing your front-facing apps pain, it'll probably be a good ...

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