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I haven't looked into this before, but I've never come across a native setting in the answer file for local group policy options. That being said, Group Policy settings are just registry entries, which you absolutely CAN set via answer file. You can examine the local templates in the %SystemRoot%\PolicyDefinitions folder with a text editor to determine ...


The complete script below can be dropped into a file that we will call "" and executed by doing the following: touch # Create empty file chmod 700 # Make executable nano # Copy contents into script here ./ # Run it Regarding the script below: Remember to set MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD by ...


Probable solution is that your Allowed-Origins filter does not match the origin tags in the packages. To debug this on my system, I created a script (see gist: dist_info) to dump the current origins rules, as used by unattended-updates and also to dump the origins for a package/s when requested.

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