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VMWare won't let you use 3D graphics acceleration on non-Windows VM's as Bisti mentioned. What you can do is install the 2D version of Unity: sudo apt-get install unity-2d-default-settings


DISCLAIMER: I'm quite new to CUCM/CUC I don't think you can disable/enable either the standard or error greetings...they are part of the system. You can modify the standard greeting with whatever personal message you want though. That said, if the calls aren't going to voicemail at all, then I believe CUCM isn't handing them off to Unity. Look in the ...


Are you using the new OOB FTP 7.5 or the one you see in Web Server Roles in Windows Server 2008? Also, make sure you have Unix directory listings enabled for your FTP site. I would like to see FTP logfile and check for the status codes for the SYST request.


Take a look at this article. I tested it by using Windows 7 as host and Windows 2000 as guest system with VMware Player 3.1.2. Then entered Unity manually and drag the shortcut of my application from the virtual start-menu to my Desktop. The shortcut works well as soon as my virtual pc was started.

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