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In the case where you don't have the right to run tune2fs on a device (e.g. in a corporate environment) you can try writing a single byte to a file on the partition in question and check the disk usage: echo 1 > test du -h test


You can try the following: create a file before the job starts and remove it, when it finished. 20 minutes after the job starts check if the file exists. If so then send a notification 00 07 * * * touch /tmp/run_trans_push.started; /u01/home/oracle/sysadm/run_trans_push.sh > /u01/home/oracle/trc/run_trans_push.sh_`date +\%b_\%d`.trc 2>&1; rm -f ...


You should be rate-limiting your restarts in the ./finish file for that service, which is run upon abnormal termination. The ./finish script will receive the return code from ./run and from there you can determine what to do, etc. For that matter, you should have your ./finish script screaming loudly about the failures and sending notifications and jumping ...

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