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Have you tried RewriteRule with [H= instead of SetHandler? RewriteRule would have the advantage of evaluating arguments when it's executed rather at startup (typical directives do not interpolate per-request variables when they actually execute)


If you don't have things set up ahead of time you won't get what you need, but psacct keeps track of processes, but you have to make sure of storage. Then you would use lastcomm and all kinds of tools to see what was running when, and by what user. Auditing may also too, if you have your rules set up right. But if you don't have these things set up ahead ...


You can find that information in the system log /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages Depending on what process they were you may be able to find some info about their start time etc. ex: Feb 1 12:31:21 centos7 NetworkManager[809]: <info> dhclient started with pid 1319 If you are investigating some resource usage you can log it using pidstat and ...


Found solution at similar answer Socat seems can't work that way but ncat from nmap package does. It works same for unix socket: % mkfifo /tmp/messages-in % exec 8<>/tmp/messages-in # hold the fifo open % ncat -l -U /tmp/messages-out -k --send-only < ...

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