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Not sure if this is considered as abandoned question - stumbled upon this while troubleshooting my issue and now adding my solution now that it's resolved. To update service with new container, you need to: upload new container to repository; trigger task definition update; trigger container update; important: make sure service rules allow launching new ...


I don't know how OmniOS provides them, but Solaris does not put ChangeLogs in the packages. For Solaris Support Repository Updates (SRUs), the change information is provided in a README document on the My Oracle Support portal instead. Some bug id & CVE id information is provided as metadata in the packages, but that would give you a bare list of id ...


If you have WSUS is possible use WSUSPackagePublisher. They push to wsus' database for deploy to users. English : Wsus Package Publisher allows you to publish your own updates as MSI, MSP or EXE files. Hence, you can deploy applications like Adobe Reader, Java, Flash Player or Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1. and update them. WSUS Package ...


Use its native package manager with cron, like yum-cron, to keep it updated. You could have your own repository. But of course, this probably requires an internet connection, or at least networking. Or checkout from a git like repository on a cron schedule, then manage your source code centrally like that.

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