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Try this: server { listen 80; server_name; location ~ ^/storm(?<section>.*)$ { return 301 $scheme://$section; } } Here we capture the part after /storm into section variable, and then use that variable in the return statement to form the desired path.


Before you start running network scanners on your network, have you actually asked your coworkers for any documentation, wikis, email chains, etc that might give you a better clue? Assuming no one knows anything and you're on your own. The first thing I'd do is a reverse DNS lookup on the IP that the URL maps to. If the public URL is a friendly name and ...


Create a text file with the following code in it and save it as default.aspx in the /feed/ sub-folder in the webroot. <% Response.Redirect("/feed/stories/"); %> Crude, but it works. Sometimes the simplest method is the best. This method produces a 302 (temporary redirect). If you need to do a 301 permanent redirect, here:


The problem was that i'm was using a old version of hls-player after i have upgraded the player to the latest version all works just fine. Thanks for your time!


It looks like you don't have www record. Create CNAME record with www pointing to the


Who is serving this file? If it's not nginx, but done through some other backend (e.g., nginx is only acting as a proxy), then you may wish to take a look at making sure that nginx doesn't try to decode the URL prior to sending the request off to the backend, see nginx $uri is url decoded and

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