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I tend to use the cheapest ones I can get off ebay and assume a 5 percent crap rate. I throwaway the crap and am generally happy. I never use the driver I get with the adaptor. Most just work, if they don't I get the driver off the chip manufacturer's website (which is normally ftdi).The only problems I have are that they are never full voltage (keep the ...


although I had used the USB stick before in the same windows for installing certificate on it, some time after, I accidentally found out that there is a driver for it. I installed it and windows recognized it as a smart card! done! so it means that reading the USB token is not equal to using it as a smart-card.


SSH to the ILO and use the textcons command to bring up a text-based console. You'll be able to get into the BIOS this way and reenable your USB settings. Press F9 when the system posts. Use ESC+SHIFT+( to exit the remote console session.


This story finally continues. I just bought a Western Digital 4 TB external disk. It wasn't split up into two logical drives, and the old Debian server in question supports it just fine. So I think the statements about motherboards should be 'some motherboards don't support USB-to-SATA controllers with this logical splitting functionality. Buy other disk'.

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