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When performing a graceful restart, existing connections should run to normal completion at which point their workers will terminate. New workers should already be started to handle new connections. You shouldn't notice any connection failures or slow page loads but in practice you may see new connections queue briefly while the config is re-loaded by the ...


I'm not sure why you'd want to do this. SharePoint recommends a file size limitation of 50MB, you are already at twice that. The reason is that, even though SQL can handle up to 2GB, it's very taxing on the SQL server and negatively affects performance. You only want to store documents on SharePoint, not executables or other files. It's not designed to ...


It's more compact than binary. It still allows you work out the number of bits that are set easily in your head. (Hex wouldn't.) It contains enough information to allow you tell exactly which operations succeeded or failed if you need that information. (A count of successes wouldn't.)


Open Group Policy Management Navigate to Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> 3. Windows Components -> Internet Explorer Enable the following policy: Automatically enable newly installed add-ons *Now, when you start IE 11, the “Several add-ons are ready for use” message will be disabled.

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