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A * in the location of the hashed password in /etc/shadow effectively disables all password based logins as no user input will ever result in a hash value of *. But the user can still login with his/her ssh keys. The difference of using * instead of using an exclamation mark ! is that the latter indicates a locked account in PAM, which, depending on your ...


It turns out that simply modifying the file (e.g. using sed) is enough to make the necessary change: sed -i -e 's@/old/home/path@/new/home/path@' /etc/proftpd/proftpd.passwd The changes are applied after ProFTPD restart, e.g. service proftpd restart or another equivalent command. It should be noted, however, that ProFTPD virtual users are linked with ...


Run groups command using jenkins. Do you see a docker group? If not, try to reboot that Jenkins slave. Or just kill the Jenkins slave.jar process: ps aux|grep jenkins


This is the relevant line from the log file: Jun 28 02:03:04 clone-stage-wplogic-net sshd[16608]: Invalid user oracle from So, the user oracle is not allowed to connect. The next question is of course why this user is considered invalid, and the answer probably lies here: Match Group www-data So, add the user oracle to the group www-data....

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