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In PowerShell: search-adaccount -lockedout | ft name, samaccountname NB: Requires the PowerShell AD Module to be installed: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/rkramesh/archive/2012/01/17/how-to-add-active-directory-module-in-powershell-in-windows-7.aspx More info on search-adaccount here: ...


Or if you really need a home path with a space, create it as a link, i.e. /data/test 123 > /data/test_123 That way, real work can be done with 'test_123', but you can make it look as 'test 123' when required?


You can do it using the -d switch to useradd useradd -d '/home/test 123' test123 Adding the single quotes ' also works for usermod but note that this will break all sorts of stuff that isn't expecting a space e.g. su - test123 -bash: [: /home/test: binary operator expected Similarly if you use something that isn't test e.g. tst 123 su - test123 -bash: ...

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